Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Peter Pettigrewsome

Poor Ronald Weasley not only has to deal with being 1 of 7 siblings and living the life of frugality, he is also burdened by being responsible for the hand-me down pet rat, Scabbers. Looking less like a rat and more like bayou bbq fare, the skiddish rodent is in a constant state of uneasiness, has a knack for biting fingers, and tries to escape any chance he gets. The chances of Scabbers' survival seem very slim especially with the current state he's in: hair perpetually falling out, an increasing odor only homeless people and sewage treatment plant workers can bare, and a mysterious missing finger on one of his paws. I'd wager, he'll become a Cruickshanks' chew toy OR....strangle himself to death after trying to murder a lightning scarred boy, who saved the unworthy rat in a previous meeting and whose family had been slain do to the betrayal of this very same rodent...but that's just Crazy Talk!
I decided to complete the HP holy trinity with a Ron Weasley sketch. Til the next episode!

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