Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Derby Debbie!

Here's the next in my line of Roller Derby Damsels. "Debbie Does Malice" is always in the running for the title of "Queen of Mean." She's a stunning beauty, but a ticking time bomb of feral fury. Always quick to mix it up, it's debatable whether she spends more time on the actual oval or in the penalty box affectionately called the "Sin Bin." Right now she only has eyes for you, but the eyes of a wild animal ready to make acquaintance with your jugular. Maybe it was the cat call followed by the"Good Game" tushy tap you gave her while she skated by, but she's got death-stare lock-on and you have a giant target on your back. You best make like something that moves fast, and high tail it out of here, unless you want to be derby road kill. This is just a preliminary sketch, but I plan on having her all painted up soon. Righteous!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eatin' Machine!

This is a variation of a design I did for my nephew's 1st birthday. The kid can put it down like no one's business, and he's got "cheeks for weeks" to pack it away for later. The elasticity of his jowls rivals that of even the animal kingdom's stretchiest mouth cavity, the chipmunk, and I intend to keep them that way. I'm planning on always having my little pint-sized Ringer around to serve as my backup if ever an impromptu game of  "Chubby Monkey" is initiated. Cheers!